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From Agents to Auditions...

 Hi there, 
I am new to Livejournal. I thought this looked like a great community to post in about my new DVD. I made this DVD to help dancers like you who have so MANY questions. Please visit me at to order or for more info! Here's is a little bit of info:

Professional dancers know that they have to work hard in order to make it. They spend hours learning choreography and perfecting routines that may only last a few minutes. They head to casting calls, sometimes with hundreds of other performers, only to face rejection. They are judged on technique, hair color, body type, and whether they have the right look. The life of a professional dancer is stressful but to most, it's also completely worth it, especially for the moment when they finally land their dream job. So how does one make it? In her new DVD, From Agents to Auditions, Keltie Colleen provides some wonderful advice for finding success in the dance world.

From Agents to Auditions is a great DVD, loaded with lots of useful information for people who are looking to break into the entertainment industry. From quick tips about what to bring to an audition to creating an eye-catching resume; and dealing with rejection, the film gives performers an idea of what they can expect from an audition and the steps they should take to secure the jobs they want. There are also a number of interesting interviews with a variety people including choreographers, dancers, talent agents and an accomplished music video director. They discuss their expectations for the talent they hire and provide honest answers to questions that every performer wants to know (What do you look for in a dancer? Where can I find information about casting calls? How do I find representation?). These interviews include Anastasia Miller (Director of Choreography/Commercial/Dance, Clear Talent Group and Alan Ferguson, Acclaimed Music Video Director) as well as many more!

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